Non-Recourse Funeral Funding to Firms in Times of Need

Funeral homes should never have to add more risk by waiting on insurance proceeds or negotiating with insurance companies to collect on a memorial service they have already completed. Likewise, the last thing any grieving family needs is the worry of finding the money to pay for the funeral.

Heritage Memorial Funding provides non-recourse funeral funding within 24 hours upon receipt of a verified life insurance policy, giving families and your firm the funeral funding you need without the worrisome wait.

Speedy Insurance Funding Has Many Benefits

Our service frees families from the difficulties associated with providing an up-front payment for funeral costs, as well as ensures that funeral homes can offer the support and facilities families need, confident that their costs will be met within 24 hours of Heritage verifying the policy benefits.

Heritage Memorial Funding also provides direct beneficiary funding to families during their time of need. Families are eligible for this service when their loved one's life insurance proceeds exceed the cost of the funeral service. Families immediately receive these excess funds to cover outside expenses - avoiding the long wait for a payout from the insurance company.

Insurance Assignment Funding Insurance Funding

Ethical, Honest and Fair

We are a family-owned assignment funding company which specializes in non-recourse assignment funding that promotes funeral home cash flow, removes risk and saves time. We believe it is vital that the relatives and friends of the deceased are not troubled by financial worries when it comes to providing a fitting tribute and end-of-life ceremony. Our company operates transparently and with integrity, lifting the burdens and removing risks involved with insurance assignments for funeral services. In the event an insurance company does not pay the claim, we absorb the loss so that the funeral home keeps a clean financial statement.

Funeral Assignment Company That's Ready to Help

Why not let us take the strain of dealing with the departed's life insurance company on behalf of your firm? Our experienced representatives will handle the negotiations, filing, and follow up --freeing you to take care of more pressing matters at this difficult time. When a policy provides more than the cost of the funeral, beneficiary funding may be offered to meet any other financial needs the beneficiary may have.

To find out more about our service, or to book an appointment with one of our friendly representatives, contact us at (877) 463-8630, or info@heritagememorialfunding.com.