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'Family Funding' and How it Helps the Families You Serve

Throughout the years of working closely with funeral homes, Heritage Memorial Funding has built a wealth of experience to ensure that firms understand our trusted and flexible funeral assignment funding options and benefits. One such benefit is HMF's exclusive 'Family Funding', which transfers any remaining proceeds of a policy directly to the beneficiaries. Read more..

The Benefits of Organizing a Funeral with Life Insurance Assignment Funding

The average person doesn't usually sit around and plan out his or her funeral, or the funeral of a loved one, in advance. Most of the time, a family isn't even expecting it when the daunting task arises to plan one. Sometimes, a client may have a life insurance policy, but few funeral plans have been made beyond this action. Read more..

Non-recourse Funeral Funding 101

Funeral directors make a living by helping families plan dignified memorial services for their loved ones. Naturally, being a part of such a trying time for families is often difficult. However, truly caring funeral directors take pride in helping to provide a fitting memorial to meet their clients’ requests. Read more..

Four Steps to Securing Funeral Funding For Families

The process of grief and the stress of arranging a funeral can make it difficult for your clients to get together the money to pay for the mounting costs. When the funeral is over, nobody wants to be left with a huge bill they are unable to pay. It makes the grieving process even more difficult with additional anxiety. Read more..