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'Family Funding' and How it Helps the Families You Serve

Throughout the years of working closely with funeral homes, Heritage Memorial Funding has built a wealth of experience to ensure that firms understand our trusted and flexible funeral assignment funding options and benefits. One such benefit is HMF's exclusive 'Family Funding', which transfers any remaining proceeds of a policy directly to the beneficiaries. This service, offered at no out-of-pocket cost to the family, is one way in which Heritage Memorial Funding helps firms offer superior funeral funding options to the families they serve – "Because they care."

How the Family will Benefit

When the funds available through a life insurance policy exceed the cost of the service, families are eligible to immediately receive the excess funds through 'Family Funding.' Families may use the funds to cover whatever they need outside of the funeral service costs, including travel for family, outstanding medical bills, or whatever they choose. Many families find this service a welcomed relief during such a burdensome time, as it often eliminates the need to borrow from a lender to cover any additional costs. Additionally, families find this service invaluable because they do not have to wait for a payout from the insurance company, which in most cases, takes 45-90 days or more to process. Likewise, this service eliminates families from the tedious and overwhleming task of facilitating the insurance claim on their own.

How 'Family Funding' Works

Within 24 hours of receiving a verified life insurance policy, Heritage Memorial Funding distributes the available funds to the funeral home. When excess funds are available, they are immediately disbursed to the beneficiary. Heritage Memorial Funding offers two options for 'Family Funding': either through the funeral home itself or directly from Heritage Memorial Funding.

Firms are able to easily offer this service to families by utilizing Heritage Memorial Funding's WebApp, which is conveniently available to our clients on our website. For more information on our funeral assignment funding options or to explore ways Heritage Memorial Funding provides funding for funeral expenses, contact us at (877) 463-8630 or email info@heritagememorialfunding.com.