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The Benefits of Organizing a Funeral with Life Insurance Assignment Funding

The average person ' usually sit around and plan out his or her funeral, or the funeral of a loved one, in advance. Most of the time, a family isn't even expecting it when the daunting task arises to plan one. Sometimes, a client may have a life insurance policy, but few funeral plans have been made beyond this action. As a result, the client's family is typically left grasping at straws to pay for the funeral while waiting for a payout from the life insurance company two to four months later.

Fortunately, life insurance assignment funding through Heritage Memorial Funding provides a much-needed solution.

When you offer your clients the option of life insurance assignment funding, you are ensured that the money is available for you (the funeral director) to carry out the client's wishes at the time of the memorial service. The family will have time to heal, neither worrying about providing the costs upfront, nor having to consider options for assistance with funeral costs.

The process is simple. Your client (or his beneficiaries) assigns the verified life insurance proceeds over to your firm, and you, in exchange, re-assign those policy proceeds to Heritage Memorial Funding for the cost of the desired funeral services. Heritage provides you with the funds within 24 hours of receiving a verified life insurance policy. Often times, there are excess funds from the policy proceeds available after payments of the services have been made. In this case, Heritage has the added option to immediately route the excess funds to the beneficiaries themselves through a process called "direct beneficiary funding." Beneficiaries can use this money however they wish, usually to cover costs outside of the funeral such as travel costs, paying off debts or purchasing floral arrangements.

As the director, life insurance assignment funding highly benefits you because it assures payment for your work. You can then feel confident in the fact that you have provided a top-notch service for your dear client – best suited to the family's wishes. You also eliminate the headache of having to deal with insurance companies yourself while you're trying to plan a memorial service and care for the grieving family.

It benefits families by eliminating the burden of having to gather money for a deposit for their loved one's final services or wait months for an insurance payout. Likewise, families will never be forced to settle for unwanted or unfitting services that fall within their out-of-pocket price range.

With life insurance assignment funding, payment comes immediately during a time when it's needed the most, and best of all – it's comes at no out-of-pocket expense to the family and FREE to the funeral home! Typically, funding fees are billed as a line-item service no different from a floral arrangement or arrangements for traffic control.

Perhaps most importantly, it is essential to remember that all clients and their families deserve a superior customer service experience when planning a funeral and discussing assistance with funeral costs. This is an area in which Heritage is proud to surpass expectations! Our honesty and integrity are crucial when such delicate matters are being discussed and put in place.

Don't let your valued clients be burdened with funeral service costs during their time of grief. Offer them the option of life insurance assignment funding through Heritage Memorial Funding! Call us today! 1-877-238-3076.